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Gavin DeGraw ~ “Soldier” remix (by Steffen James) cover 

Published on Feb 20, 2014

I remixed this with the Apple Garage band app. Adding backup acoustic and electric guitar, piano, bass, and strings through the life like synth generators on the program. Tried to keep the sound true to the acoustic guitar and vocals originally recorded at one take. This is my favorite pop solo artist Gavin DeGraw and his amazing song “Soldier” from his “Make a Move” album 2013. 

Then prior:.   I used my iPhone to record the video and a iRig Mic Cast for a microphone, for audio. Then I extracted the audio to my Magix Music Maker program to adjust the mix and normalize the music. Then added effects to the video through Windows Live Movie Maker. Hope you enjoy it and share/spread the word. Godbless!!!

Needtobreathe ~ “The Heart”

This is a new song from my favorite band Needtobreathe. Called “The Heart” from the yet unreleased album “Rivers in the Wasteland.” Used my iPhone video cam and iRig Mic cast for iPhone for sound enhancement and recording. Then Windows Live Movie Maker for video effects. I also used Magix Music Maker to edit the sound quality. This is my third upload of this recording. Just tweeking. Enjoy, share and Godbless!!!

Steffen James music

Interested in a sound that dreams? This is the exit. Full with place of mind and spirit, Steffen whimsically transforms attitude in to strength and grace.
Inspired by names such as Dave Matthews, Keller Williams and Brett Dennen.. Steff James has gathered experience at a new level. “God has sent a guiding incentive for me to follow.. I just have to follow!”As a Christian, Steffen follows with the likes of many, to spread the peace and steadfast love of our Savior. There is no room for make believe as there is - do believe and DO have faith!
I remembered having an idea, that we are all musicians, playing the key of love. …Or at least attempting to! So, as I have revealed that we are simply tangents to the story of our guiding Father, why not attempt to follow through with our complacency and visit our home to what is Divine. As a musician and singer/songwriter coming to terms with purpose is a big role.. where to go for the next foundation. Build and learn.. What a great way to add zest to our lives.. music! Peace of mind is half the battle, finding a soul inside of you that can actually navigate you.. unheard of! A God who loves every deep of your existence.. powerful! Some change has altered us all. Now, what to do with it?
I will be updating and adding new material as properly and synchronized  as possible. Please support your locality and get social. Spread good news and follow your heart. Thank you for support.

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